Hpcsa certificate of good standing

What can I do to obtain a certificate of good standing?
Submit request electronically to hpcsacgs@hpcsa.co.za
Submit proof of payment of prescribed fee and affidavit, which is available from website
You can pay a courier fee for delivery in RSA R124 and R556 abroad. Otherwise it will be sent by registered mail at no extra cost.

  • R300 (5 day PAXI delivery – local)
  • R500 (overnight door/Post
  • Net delivery – local)
  • R650 (DHL door delivery – overseas)
  • Requirements: CoS Affidavit Form + proof of payment (where necessary).
  • Council Turn Around Time: 2 weeks.


How can I check practitioner registration status?

To check practitioner registration status online click this link http://isystems.hpcsa.co.za/iregister/

May I practise more than one profession at the same time?
It is acceptable that practitioners who are registered with the Council may practise more than one profession (including a profession for the practising of which registration with a professional body other than the Council is a prerequisite) provided that such practitioner at all times complies with the ethical rules of each profession in respect of which he or she is registered, and provided further that a patient must at all times be informed in what capacity the practitioner with whom the patient is consulting, is practising, and what tariff of fees applies in respect of the consultation.

I wish to enter into private practice. What are the requirements and procedure?

You are required to contact the Board of Healthcare Funders of SA (BHF) in order to register a practice number. BHF would also require you to submit a Certified Extract from the register as proof of your current registration status.
Contact details are as follows:
Board of Healthcare Funders of SA
Telephone: (+27) 11 537 0200
Attachment: Practice Options

I am leaving the country and will not be practicing in SA. Has provision been made for a reduced annual fee?

No provision exists for the payment of a reduced annual fee. Provision however exists for the voluntary erasure of a practitioners’ name from the register in terms of Section 19(1)© of the Act. Practitioners are required to apply personally in writing prior to 31 March of a particular year for voluntary erasure from the register.
Should a person wish to have his/her name restored to the register, the following procedure would apply:

Application from a practitioner who has NOT been practising his/her profession following voluntary erasure:
If a person requests reinstatement following a period exceeding two (2) years from the date of erasure, the professional board concerned may impose one or more of the following conditions before reinstating such a practitioner onto the register a period of supervised practice as may be determined by the Professional Board will be required;

or any form of assessment as determined by the relevant Professional Board, including a written or oral and/or clinical examination in relevant areas of practice. Upon successful completion of these requirements, the practitioner may then be restored to the register subject to the payment of the necessary fees.

The following have to be submitted with the application for restoration:
(a) A duly completed application form, Form 18 signed in front of a Commissioner of Oaths;
(b) The applicable annual fee for that year; and
(c) Any proof of CPD activities attended to during the time of erasure.

If a practitioner has been registered with an acceptable other Professional Board or an equivalent licensing institution/body/regulating authority outside South Africa the following will apply:
A duly completed application form, Form 18, signed in front of a Commissioner of Oaths;
The applicable annual fee for that year;
A Certificate of Status, which is not older than three months, issued by the country/institution/body/regulating authority;
A detailed CV detailing the work experience with proof of registration/work experience in that country; and Proof of compliance with the CPD requirements of that country/institution/body/regulating authority or a summary of CPD activities with accompanying certificates completed during the period of erasure.

Records and Registration

How do I update my contact details at HPCSA register?
To update your contact details, log in on the practioner portal and update your records https://practitionerssso.hpcsa.co.za/identity/login