Registration fee at Ekurhuleni West College

EWC Registration fee is R240. 00.

Qualification will be charged irrespective of whether the student is enrolling for full-time or part-time or exam only.


  • Class fees for privately-funded enrolments are paid as per signed MOA with the company / sponsor.
  • Class fees as recorded above for 2021 are payable by students who are enrolling for the first time, on a specific level, for the full programme (7 subjects).
  • A deposit as stated above is payable by NC (V) students who do not qualify for the DHET bursary as well as students who qualify for a DHET bursary but refuse to apply for the bursary.
  • If a student has not passed the full programme (7 subjects) individual subject prices per learning area will be applicable.
  • Class fees as stated above are inclusive of tuition fee, text books, learning material, protective clothing, registration and student cards.

Payment arrangements for full-time NC(V) subjects for students who do not qualify for a bursary:

  • Enrolment for one or two subjects: Full payment.
  • Enrolment for three or more subjects: Deposit payable equal to the payment due for two subjects; balance payable in four instalments.
PROGRAMMEPrivately Funded Enrolments
Level 2 – 4
Level 2 – 4Deposit
Civil Engineering & Building ConstructionR72 872.24R14 574.00R2 000.00
Electrical Infrastructure ConstructionR71 923.91R14 385.00R2 000.00
Engineering & Related DesignR93 490.32R16 698.00R2 000.00
Information Technology & Computer ScienceR71 514.59R14 303.00R2 000.00
MechatronicsR94 714.15R18 943.00R2 000.00
Finance, Economics & AccountingR52 258.15R10 452.00R1 600.00
ManagementR54 718.75R10 944.00R1 600.00
MarketingR49 854.54R 9 371.00R1 600.00
Office AdministrationR46 707.44R 9 341.00R1 600.00
Transport and LogisticsR49 350.00R 9 870.00R1 600.00
TourismR67 860.60R13 572.00R2 000.00
HospitalityR88 445.78R17 689.00R2 000.00
Education and DevelopmentR50 674.24R10 135.00R1 600.00