NHBRC Registration

Follow these steps to apply for registration with NHBRC:

  1. Download the application form.
  2. Fill out application form. Click here to access Online Services Portal

Attach the applicable documents to the application form:

  1. An original copy of a valid tax clearance from SARS.
  2. Notice of Incorporation (Co 14.1). (PTY ONLY).
  3. Certified copy of shareholding certificate. (PTY ONLY).
  4. Trust Resolution / Deed of Trust (TRUST ONLY).
  5. Certified copy of Partnership agreement letter. (PARTNERSHIP ONLY).
  1. Return the form to your nearest NHBRC customer care office.
  1. The NHBRC will send you an invoice.
  2. Pay the stipulated amount. View bank details.
  1. Registration technical Assessment Bookings: Email your Provincial Customer Care Office.

Cost of Registration

Initial application fee is R745. 61 which is not refundable (once off). An annual membership fee of R526. 32 is due every year.


Initial application fee is R745.61 which is not refundable (once-off).
Access Online Services Portal

Annual membership fee of R526.32 is due every year.
Download Form
Access Online Services Portal



Builders have two options when buying a builders manual. Home builders manual R87.82 OR Home builders manual & SANS 1040 – R3168.15


Payment can be made via online payment.
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