How long is a course at Unisa?

Looking for How long a course takes at Unisa, then this article is here to assist you. Find the duration it takes to complete a course in the university of South Africa.

  • 4 years to complete a 120-credit qualification (eg higher certificate or advanced certificate, or honours and postgraduate diploma)
  • 6 years to complete a 240-credit qualification (2-year advanced certificate or diploma)
  • 8 years to complete a 360-credit qualification (3-year degree or diploma)
  • 10 years to complete a 480-credit qualification (4-year degree)

Please also take note of Unisa’s academic progression rules.

I need proof of my Unisa registration.

As soon as your Unisa registration has been finalised, a letter confirming your registration for the semester or academic year will be sent to your myLife e-mail account. You may also request this via myUnisa and a copy will be sent to your myLife e-mail account.


Do I need to attend classes?

Unisa is a Comprehensive, Open and Distance e-Learning university, which means that you study online. We do not offer classes, but we do offer some tutorial classes for certain modules.

I registered and paid, but have not received any correspondence from Unisa.

How much will I forfeit if I cancel my modules?

A student who voluntarily cancels his or her registration of a module will forfeit either a part of or the entire study fees paid as indicated. Please take note of Unisa’s cancellation dates.