Unisa Courses

Are you looking for Unisa Courses then this article list all the courses that are offered by the University of South Africa. Unisa has made impactful, positive differences in the lives of many and continues to do so day by day. Unisa also has its own website, which you can visit at www.Unisa.ac.za, while questions and concerns, or even just general enquiries, can be directed towards the following email address: ucl@unisa.ac.za. 

Below are the list of courses offered by the University of South Africa:

Advanced Course

Advanced Corporate Law and Securities Law (76228)
Advanced Course in Diplomacy Studies (77116)
Advanced Course in Good Governance in Africa (77112)
Advanced Course in Humanitarian and Development Leadership (77119)
Advanced Course in Intelligence Management (77115)
Advanced Course in Security Management on the African Continent within a Global Context (77117)
Advanced Course in Thought Leadership for Africa’s Renewal (77114)
Advanced Course in Value Added Tax (70963)
Advanced Course in the Art and Science of Psychological Practice Management (76814)

Advanced Programme

Advanced Programme in Children s rights (76959)
Advanced Programme in Dynamics of Peace and Conflict in Africa (77118)
Advanced Programme in Policy Making and Analysis for Africa’s Development (77113)
Advanced Programme in Technology Entrepreneurship (77088)
Executive Programme in Leadership, Ethics, Governance & Sustainability (LEGS) (77087)

Advanced Short Course

Advanced Short Course in Africa and Marine Law (77086)
Advanced Short Course in Business Rescue Practice (76790)
Advanced Short Course in Fundamentals for Strategic Oversight in Information Technology for Board Members (77069)
Advanced Short Course in Global Bunisess: Intra-Africa and Brics Trade and Investment (77071)
Advanced Short Course in Intellectual Property Management and Innovation (76818)
Advanced Short Course in Leading Authentically in a Technologically Disrupted World (77090)

Course In Agricultural and Food Law of South Africa (77076)
Course in Accounting for School Governance (72192)
Course in Acient Greek (77004)
Course in Administration of Estates (70874)
Course in African Christian Leadership (71715)
Course in Anti-Corruption and Commercial Crime Investigation (7246X)
Course in Basic Psychology for Shop Stewards (77129)
Course in Biblical Studies for Christian Leaders (71716)
Course in Corporate Law (76917)
Course in Correctional Ministry (71717)
Course in Court Interpreting (76733)
Course in Deceased Estates Practice (76252)
Course in Ethics for Industrial and Organisational Psychology Practice (77010)
Course in Explosive Product Assurance (76833)
Course in Foundation Music Theory (76998)
Course in Fundamental Accounting (70866)
Course in Fundamentals of Banking and Risk Management (72176)
Course in HIV and AIDS and Spiritual Care (71718)
Course in Human and Environmental Issues (71719)
Course in Laboratory Animal Technology Practice, and Pharmacology and Jurisprudence for Laboratory Animal Technologists (77077)

Course in Law for the Music Industry (77035)
Course in Ministry and Community Service (71720)
Course in Practical Bookkeeping (70904)
Course in Practical Labour Law (72710)
Course in Practical Research Skills for Legal Professionals (77131)
Course in Security Practice (72486)
Course in Share and Forex Trading (76988)
Course in Taxation (70971)
Course in Teaching Biblical Studies (71723)
Course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults (71987)
Course in The Application of Climate-Smart Agriculture as a Sustainable Agricultural Practice (77098)
Course in Value Added Tax (70912)
Course in the Introduction to Corporate Governance (71978)
Course in the Introduction to Supply Chain Management (77047)

Advanced Short Course in Big Data (77070)
B-BBEE Executive Development Programme (77860)
Employee Assistance Programme (76989)
Executive Development Programme (75191)
Fundamental Management Programme (77108)
Management Development Programme (77109)
Programme in Accelerated Public Management Development (76643)
Programme in Advanced Labour Law (72737)
Programme in Advanced Safety Management (76914)
Programme in Archival Studies (72419)
Programme in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Project Management (ODL) (72524)
Programme in Children and Youth Librarianship (76853)
Programme in Classification of Media Content in South Africa (76960)
Programme in Commercial Explosives Pyrotechnics and Explosives Legislation (76702)
Programme in Control of Explosives and Activities (76832)
Programme in Credit Management (76812)
Programme in Cultural Policy and Management (7070X)
Programme in Disaster Management (ODL) (72532)
Programme in Explosives Test and Evaluation (76703)
Programme in Financial Management (71277)
Programme in Forensic and Investigative Auditing (71315)
Programme in Fundamentals Aspects of Children’s Rights (77111)
Programme in Industrial Engineering (76837)
Programme in Industrial and Organisational Psychology (70750)
Programme in International Freight Management and Administration for Importers and Exporters (01929)
Programme in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management (71064)
Programme in Local Government Management (ODL) (76082)
Programme in Marketing Management (71765)
Programme in Primary and Secondary Explosives (76701)
Programme in Public Administration and Management (ODL) (76777)
Programme in Safety Management (72435)
Programme in Sales and Marketing (76694)
Programme in Security Management (72494)
Programme in the Introduction to Explosives (76704)

Short Course

Short Course in Advanced Latin Grammar and Syntax (77002)
Short Course in Barista Skills (76901)
Short Course in Basic Business Finance (71307)
Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Northern Sotho (72850)
Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Sesotho (72818)
Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Setswana (72796)
Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Siswati (72842)
Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Tshivenda (7277X)
Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Xitsonga (7280X)
Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in isiXhosa (72788)
Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in isiZulu (72761)
Short Course in Basic Latin Grammar and Syntax (77001)
Short Course in Biblical Hebrew Beginners (77032)
Short Course in Developing a Project Plan for an Advocacy Campaign on Healthy Lifestyles, Social Diversity and Inclusion (77136)
Short Course in Drafting of Contracts (77101)
Short Course in Employee Wellness (71579)
Short Course in English for Speechwriting (76908)
Short Course in Enterpreting the Gospel of Mark in Context (76909)
Short Course in Environmental Law & Environmental Management Legal Enforcement (76983)
Short Course in Environmental Law and Liabilities for the Regulated Community (76973)
Short Course in Ethics Education within a Social Justice Response in Africa (77135)
Short Course in I-SET Robotics Components and Pedagogy (76820)
Short Course in I-SET Robotics Fundamentals (77067)
Short Course in I-SET Robotics Problem-solving, Data and Debugging (76984)
Short Course in I-SET Robotics for the Future (77068)
Short Course in Mainstreaming Healthy Lifestyles, Diversity and Inclusion into Communities, Education and Workplaces (77137)

Short Course in Managing Health and Nutrition in Adverse Conditions (72540)
Short Course in Pension Funds Law (72729)
Short Course in Public Competition Law (77056)
Short Course in Refresher Training for Explosives Workers (76831)
Short Course in Refugee Law and Humanitarian Support (72877)
Short Course in SMME Management (72087)
Short Course in the Introduction to Agribusiness Management (72621)
Short Course in the Introduction to Creative Writing (72052)
Short Course in the Orientation and Background to HIV Aids Care and Counselling (76968)
Short Course in the Psychology of Mentorship (76815)


Emotional Intelligence Workshop: Barriers to Emotional Intelligence (76784)
Emotional Intelligence Workshop: Self Awareness (76783)
Emotional Intelligence Workshop: Self in Relation to Others (76785)
English Empowerment Workshop (76801)
Workshop in Advanced Archives and Records Management (AARM) (77704)
Workshop in Basic Archives and Records Management (BARM) (77702)
Workshop in Business Writing Skills (76198)
Workshop in Improving the Quality in the Health Care Services in South Africa (77065)
Workshop in Intermediate Archives and Records Management (IARM) (77703)
Workshop in Nutrition and Food Safety (76602)
Workshop in Stress Management (76771)