How is UWC APS calculated?

APS stands for Admission Point Score.  In South Africa, universities use APS points as one of the tools to see if applicants qualify for their respective programmes. UWC has a unique APS calculation that applicants can use to work out their score.

UWC APS Calculation

To calculate your APS, you will need to add your six best subject percentages.  Please note that this includes the four compulsory subjects a learner takes in high school: two languages (one being the learner’s home language), Maths or Maths Lit and Life Orientation.

Applicants will need to meet the minimum APS in order to be considered for a specific programme.  Generally, you get points for each matric subject you write an exam in.  The points you get for each course will depend on the percentage you score in that particular subject. The APS score is the total points you receive from each subject.

Please note: meeting the bare minimum requirement is not always enough to get you into your desired degree programme, so push hard to get the highest marks you possibly can.

Don’t forget that some courses require you to submit other requirements (e.g. portfolio of work, audition or interview). It’s important for you to check with the faculty what they require from you.

UWC APS Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of UWC’s APS calculation:

UWC APS CalculationEduConnect 2Cents

So now you know if you meet the minimum requirements according to UWC’s standards.  Remember this is a UWC score calculation. The APS calculation differs from institution to institution so your score could differ significantly at other institutions.