Does UWC accept late applications?

Due to high volumes we received by the closing date, we are unable to consider late applications.

1.    How do I apply?

Apply for accommodation on the same form you used to apply to study at the university. ENSURE that you have ticked yes on the question that asks if “you require university residence”. This qualifies as a valid application.  There is NO other form you need to complete..

2. What is the closing date for applications?  

Applications close on the 31st October.

3. What happens to late applications?

Due to high volumes we received by the closing date, we are unable to consider late applications.

4. When will I received the outcome of my application?

Residence applications are finalised after the faculties are done with their selections.   This happens in January for the 1st Years.

5. How will I be notified?

Email communication is the main method of communication. Only in the absence of an e-mail address being provided, will we send a letter via post.

6. How does Residential Services make selections? Criteria

Please see our Admission/Readmissions Policy.

7. Why wasn’t I considered, “I applied early…”?

We do not process applications on a first come first served basis. The University has strategic goals and objectives for recruitment of new students and our selections are based on this along with the University Faculty targets.

8. What does this “University Faculty targets for Admission’ have to do with my Residence application?

The University decides on targets for Admission based on the following:

· UWC strategic focus wrt Faculty growth

· National Department of Education Strategy and targets for Universities

· Available teaching resources, eg lecturers, lecture halls, laboratories, etc. 

Amongst other considerations

 Therefore if UWC can accept 1000 new first years, it will decide what percentage of the 1000 spaces will be for the Arts Faculty, Science Faculty, etc. 

Illustrative Example:

 If Arts faculty target is 23% of the total 1st year student intake, then we reserve 23% of the 1st year spaces for Arts Faculty.  This means approximately 152 Residence spaces will be kept only for applicants in the Arts faculty. 

9. Is there a WAIT LIST, how does this work?

Yes, candidates are preselected from the full list of all applications and will be notified. 

10. What does it mean being on the WAIT LIST?

This means that if any applicant who was accepted and offered a space in Residence cancels his/her application/offer, then we go to the pre-selected wait list first and then select a suitable replacement.  Therefore if nobody cancels his application/offer we will not be able to give students on the Wait list accommodation.  Meaning that being on the wait list does not guarantee placement.  

11.   Can I apply for next year if I am unsuccessful, is placement guaranteed at this time?

Yes you can apply if you meet the necessary placement criteria (per the Residence Admission/Re-Admission Policy by the 31st July). 

NO guarantee that you will be successful can be given as it would be dependent on an available suitable space.

12.   My friend got placed, why didn’t I, I live further, my situation is more desperate?

Due to limited spaces we are unable to allocate all qualifying applicants.  See points 7 & 8 above. 

13. What must I do now? I do not know anyone in Cape Town.

Unsuccessful applicants are responsible for securing alternate accommodation prior to their arrival at UWC. 

14. I have paid for accommodation already, why I am not allocated?

The amount you have paid is credited to  your tuition account and if you have paid your tuition fees in full, any further credits can be refunded on request to the Student Accounts division.

15. Don’t rural/international students get preference as they don’t know Cape Town/South Africa?

All students who stay more than 60k away from campus are given equal preference, but due to limited spaces we are unable to assist all applicants who are in need of accommodation.

16. What about Theology residence.

Theology residence is a short-term Residence specifically for visiting lecturers, scholars, interns and post-doctoral students needing accommodation for short periods. We only take bookings for a maximum period of 3 months only.

17.   What is off-campus residence?

Off- campus residences are residences which are not situated on the main UWC campus.  We have 4 off-campus Residences which are Disa situated on Tygerberg Hospital premises, Gorvalla, Kwikbake & Caltex Residences are situated in the residential suburb of Bellville South and lastly Hector Peterson is situated in Belhar.  They all forms part of the 3360 UWC Residence spaces.

18. Can I change my room or roommate?

Allocation is final, no changes will be considered as mentioned above placement is done based on the strategic objectives of the University,( see point 7 & 8 above).  Our placement and choices of room-mates endeavours to further to the University’s strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion and endeavours to educate our students on cross cultural and diversity issues.

19. Can I stay in a single room/double room I will pay the full amount?

Due to the high demand and limited available spaces we are not able to place one student on a double room irrespective if he/she is willing to pay the full amount for both spaces.  Single rooms are for senior students only.  See UWC Residence Admission/Re-Admission Policy for information on room allocations.  Senior students according to UWC Residential Services are students who are doing their 3rd year academic modules and above.  All first year students are allocated to double rooms.

20. Will it be possible for me to share my room with my cousin, sister or brother?

Yes we do consider such requests, provided they are done during application period.  However it is dependent on our Placement Strategy where we endeavour to place students doing the same Academic modules or courses together to promote peer support and also to facilitate targeted tutoring.   Once placement is finalised we are not able to assist with these requests.

21. I have not been accepted to UWC Residences  and my bursary wants me to stay on Res in order to pay my fees?

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate all students who are in need of accommodation due to our limited spaces.

22.  Can I bring my own bed because the university bed is too small?

No. Please see our Admission/Readmission policy for the list of items that you are allowed to bring to university residences