GDE Admissions

GDE Admissions Online Applications (Grade 1 and Grade 8 in Public Schools)

When can we start applying to schools?

The Department will open for applications for Admissions on 20 May, at 8:00
AM and close on 22 July at midnight (24:00)

Is the Admissions Online application system available for applications to ALL Grades

No. Parents may apply online for Grade 1 and Grade 8 ONLY. Learners in Grade 2-7
and 9 -12 will be re-enrolled at their current schools

Note that the Department does not encourage parents to move learners form one
school to the other as majority of school are full in all grades

Where should I go to apply? 

You may logon on to OR
Go to any Public Ordinary School in your area, any District Office or the Provincial Department of Education for face to face assistance. In addition, the Office of the Premier, identified public libraries and community centres will serve as walk-in centres to assist with applications

Can the parent register and apply for more than one child at the same time?

Yes. The system allows a parent to register and apply for more than one child at
the same time

Can I apply for my TWIN children to go to the same school?

Yes. You may apply on the same form for your Twins or Triplets

How many times can I apply for my child or children? 

A parent may make a maximum of 5 applications to five (5) different schools per learner

Will I be able to register and apply at the same time? 

Yes, the System allows for the parent to register and apply at the same time

May I provide my friend’s cell phone number when I register my details on the system?

NO. It is very important for parents to provide their OWN, valid and reliable cell phone numbers as the Department will be sending SMS messages about the application to the parent
Should you provide someone else cellphone number, you will be responsible to ensure that that person provides you with all information sent by the Department.