Wsu Admission Requirements

Admission into undergraduate programmes 

For Bachelor’s Degree programme, only applicants whose National Senior Certificate (NSC) results indicate that the learner has met the requirements for admission into Bachelor’s Degree, that is, Bachelors’ endorsement, may be admitted. In the case of the old Senior Certificate, only applicants with a Matriculation Exemption endorsement will be considered for admission.

1.1  Admission Point System (APS)

The Department of Education: Curriculum Studies endeavours to use a point system for admissions. The achievement levels are then translated into points for each NSC subject. Points will be used to calculate the total Admission Point Score (APS). The minimum APS required for a Bachelor’s degree is 26.

The Department of Education: Curriculum Studies Admissions Committee considered the administration of admission point score as proposed by HESA. The Committee appreciates the breakdown made in the achievement levels as this advantages a student whose performance is better than others.

On the basis of the HESA proposal the points will be awarded as in the following example:

NSC        Percentage        per SubjectPoints

The purpose of the above split will assist the department in admitting students according to their performance as opposed to the previous point system where a learner who scores 70% and the one who scores 79% would both attain 7 points.

It should be noted that the above scoring system excludes Life Orientation and Mathematical Literacy. Points for these two are allocated as follows:

NSC        Percentage        per SubjectPoints
90 – 100%5
80 – 89%4
70 – 79%3
60 – 69%2
50 – 59%1
40 – 49%0
30 – 39%0
0 – 29%0

1.2  Admission requirements per programme

  • Bachelor of Education (FET): Economic & Management Sciences

Senior  certificate  with Matriculation Exemption.      At least two BCM subjects with E (HG) and two subjects with D (SG) and a pass in any other two or three school subjects.

Bachelors’ endorsement with NSC achievement rating of 4 (50 – 59%) in any four NSC subjects, two of which should be from BCM learning field (Accounting, Business Studies, Mathematics and Economics) and are taken as Majors for the programme. NSC rating of 2 (30—39%) for Mathematics or NSC rating of 4 (50-59%) in Mathematical Literacy. NSC rating of 4 (50 – 59%) for English as it is the language of learning and teaching (LOLT) at WSU and a pass in any other two or three school subjects.