Wits ranking 2022

Wits University is more than an educational brand, it’s a time-honoured legacy that aims to educate and change through quality education and sound motivation to develop African societies.

The quality of the Wits graduate, our ground-breaking research and the discoveries it leads to – is what makes Wits University a brand well-known in South Africa, the wider African continent and world at large.

For 100 years Wits has been known for and remembered through the caliber of graduates that it produces, and the footprints of change that they leave in the public and private sectors in all fields of industry.

This century-old legacy speaks volumes of our capabilities to transform and transcend, and is visible in all aspects of the South African society; in the public and private sectors, the roads we travel on and the books we read, the millionaires who lead businesses and the activists who challenge them, in the lawyers who represent us and the Judges who rebuke us. Wits graduates continue the legacy in global humanitarianism and in pushing African innovation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. From Rhodes Scholars to Mandela Scholars – Witsies are there making their mark in academics.

Wits University and its people are cemented in everything around you.

Perhaps more than the University of the Witwatersrand extraordinarily being ranked in the top 1.3% of universities globally, our legacy equally requires that we continue to be positively ranked by the everyday impact we make to society, the quality of our goals and the lives we changes. 

This is how the we are ranked in and among the world’s universities.

Global Rankings


  • 201-300 globally (#266)
  • Ranked 1st nationally

*ARWU asseses more than 1800 universities and the results for the top 1000 are published.