What is the minimum grade to get into Queens University?

Queen’s University is a highly selective institution, and the minimum grades required for admission vary depending on the program you are applying to. However, in general, you will need to have a strong academic record with a minimum average of 80% or higher.

Here is a table of the minimum averages required for admission to some of Queen’s most competitive programs:

ProgramMinimum Average
ArtsLow 80s
Arts at Bader CollegeLow 80s
Concurrent Education ArtsHigh 80s
Concurrent Education/Arts at Bader CollegeMid 80s
Concurrent Education/ScienceLow 80s
ScienceLow 80s
Science at Bader CollegeLow 80s
Concurrent Education/ScienceLow 80s
ComputingMid 80s
MusicLow 80s
Musical TheatreLow 80s
Concurrent Education/ MusicLow 80s
KinesiologyMid 80s
Concurrent Education/KinesiologyLow 90s
Life Science and BiochemistryLow 90s
Smith School of Business, Commerce87+
Engineering and Applied ScienceMid 80s
Electrical & Computing Engineering StreamHigh 80s
Mechatronics and Robotics EngineeringHigh 80s
Health Sciences at Bader CollegeHigh 80s
NursingLow 90s
Health SciencesLow 90s

Please note that these are just the minimum averages. To be competitive for admission, you will need to have even higher grades, and you should also have a strong extracurricular record and a compelling personal statement.

The best way to determine your chances of admission is to contact Queen’s University admissions office and discuss your specific academic record and extracurricular activities. They will be able to give you more personalized advice.