What is a failing grade at University of Regina?

The University of Regina uses a percentage grading system, and a grade of less than 50% is a failing grade for undergraduate programs. This includes the grade of F, which is the lowest possible grade.

Failing grades are not included in the calculation of a grade point average (GPA), but they can still have a negative impact on your academic standing. For example, if you fail too many courses, you may be placed on academic probation or even discontinued from your program.

If you receive a failing grade in a course, it is important to talk to your instructor or academic advisor as soon as possible. They can help you to identify the reasons for your failure and develop a plan to improve your performance in the future.

Here is a table of the University of Regina grading system:

| Grade | Percentage | |—|—|— | A+ | 90-100 | | A | 80-89 | | B+ | 70-79 | | B | 60-69 | | C+ | 55-59 | | C | 50-54 | | F | Below 50 |

In addition to the above grades, the University of Regina also uses a number of other grades, such as P (Pass), N (Not Passed), NP (Not Passed due to Poor Attendance), and XF (Academic Failure).