University of Pretoria when to pay

The 50% (half of the account) due date on 30 April has been extended until 30 June 2022. The deadline for payments due on 31 July (full payment of the account) has also been extended by 2 months to 30 September 2022.

The 30 April payment date for the 2,5% discount will remain.

The fees below are for 2022 year of study unless otherwise indicated. 

DescriptionAmount payableWhen to payNotes
Application feeR300With submission of application for studiesNon-refundable
Initial fee (first payment) for undergraduate students •  Payable prior to registration•  Also payable every  subsequent year before registration R5 000Selection study programmes Payable WITHIN 30 days of placement to reserve your study place – your Faculty will inform you •  The initial fee (first payment) forms part of the tuition fees and is an initial payment towards the tuition fees.•  R1 355 of the initial fee will be retained for cancellations made WITHIN 30 days after study placement.•  R2 500 of the initial fee will be retained for cancellations made MORE THAN 30 days after study placement.
All other study programmes Payable at least 5 days before registration •  The initial fee (first payment) forms part of the tuition fees and is an initial payment towards the tuition fees.•  This fee is fully refundable if the student does not register.
Initial fee (first payment) for post graduate studentsR7 500Payable at least 5 days before registration The initial fee (first payment) forms part of the tuition fees and is an initial payment towards the tuition fees.
Residence reservation feeR5 700Payable within 30 days after placement or before registration is allowedSee the Residence tile for full details, including information on meals.
International levyApplicable to various visa types, in addition to the initial fee. R3 470Payable together with the tuition account See the International fees tile for more information•  This levy is fully refundable if the student does not register.
Tuition feesSee the Tuition fees per faculty tile•  Half (50%) of the student account is payable before or on 30 April.•  The full (100%) student account is payable before or on 31 July.•  Accounts are available on the UP Portal (Student Centre) after registration.•  Accounts are mailed monthly, starting March. Refer to the Statement of Account tile for important detail. 
Discount for early payment A discount of 2.5% is granted if the student account is paid in full by 30 April.Refer to the “2,5% Discount tile” for very important  details.
Family rebateR2 500 maximum per student for two or more studentsApply in UP Student Self-Service before
30 March
•  Only applicable for tuition fees.•  If account is less than
R2 500, then only account amount is rebated.•  Students must apply annually. Applications for previous years will not be granted.•  Refer to the Family Rebate tile for more details.
Summer School andWinter School See tile for more detail.Full tuition fees will be charged for the modules taken.Immediately payable upon registration for the module(s)These extra modules will impact negatively on NSFAS or other bursary living costs that are requested to be paid out. 
Fees paid by bursaries  See tile for more detail.Ensure that you are aware of the conditions and value of your bursary as bursaries may or may not cover the full costs of your study costs.External companies or other institutions that sponsor students with bursaries need to make the required payments to students’ accounts by the same due dates as if the students were paying the accounts themselves.•  Students must submit written proof from the sponsor of the bursary awarded to them prior to registration, otherwise the initial fee will be payable by the student.•  The final decision regarding the acceptability of a bursary letter rests with the university.•  Students remain responsible for their student accounts if their bursary sponsor does not pay their account. 
Credit balancesAmounts in credit on your accountDepends on the source of the credit balance•  The refund application form is available at the SSC or refer to the Refund tile for more detail.
Other living costsNot included on accountAs required, for example books, food, travel, stationery, printing,  and photocopiesStudents should manage these costs themselves.  Refer to the Other costs tile for more detail.
Cancellation fees Total discontinuation of studies and discontinuation of a module. Refer to the Module changes and termination of studies tile for more detail and the dates tableDetermined by the official date the university received the written discontinuation notificationIn cases where cancellation is due to the hospitalisation or death of a student, cancellation fees may be waived if sufficient proof is provided.
Late addition of moduleR420    Before adding the moduleFor first semester or year course after 1 March  
R420For second semester after 31 July 
Late change of course of study R420     Before changing courseAfter 1 March but before
31 May    
R1 355After 31 May 
Recognition of subjects transferred from other institutionsR135 As requiredQuarter module 
R270 Semester module 
R540 Year course 
Special Examination feesR420      As requiredSpecial exams 
R420 Remark/verify result of exam
R900 Off-campus (RSA)  
R1 800 Off-campus (International)
R1 355Post graduate in order to complete the evaluation thesis/dissertation
CertificatesR215       As requiredTranslation and/or issuing of duplicate certificate (1st one free) 
R50 Duplicate registration certificate (1st one free) 
R215Duplicate of statements of account – previous year(s) (1st one free)
Bank chargesR200As required