Traffic Cop Requirements

The minimum Traffic Cop requirements are · Grade 12 or equivalent (No specific subjects needed) · No criminal record · Code B driving Licence. Find all the requirements below:

The minimum requirements to become a Traffic Officer are as follows:

  • Minimum educational qualification of matric or grade 12 or equivalent.
  • Code B driving licence (manual transmission).
  • No Criminal record.
  • Medical Certificate as proof that a person can do strenuous exercise.
  • Applicants shall not be older than 35 years of age

To become a Traffic Officer, you need to be employed or appointed as a trainee (permanent or on contract) by a Provincial Department of Transport, a Municipality or a Government Agency such as the Road Traffic Management Corporation.

The transition from the NQF level 4 Traffic Officer Qualification to the NQF level 6 Traffic Officer Qualification

The current NQF level 4 Traffic Officer curriculum is being replaced by the NQF level 6 Traffic Officer curriculum which has been implemented in the last quarter of the 2018/19 Financial year. The Corporation will remain the only training provider for the NQF level 6 Traffic Officer qualification. However, Traffic Training centres have been registered as assessment centres for the qualification.

Approval of Training Centres

By the National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act 93 of 1996), training providers must be recognised by the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) before approval of accreditation. No training providers will be accredited by the QCTO to provide this qualification without the prior recommendation of the RTMC.

Entry Requirements

This qualification is not approved for use by learners under the age of 18.

Industry-specific entry requirements:

  • Minimum educational qualification of matric or grade 12 or equivalent.
  • Code B driving Licence (manual transmission)
  • The applicant must be employed by a Provincial Authority or Local Authority.
  • No criminal record
  • Medical certificate as proof that a person may do strenuous exercise.
  • Applicants shall not be older than 35 years of age.

Policy Document for Traffic Training Centres 

For more information on training requirements, view the Policy Document for Traffic Training Centres Download

Content of the qualification

The learning programme consists of three components: knowledge, practical skills and workplace experience.

Follow the link below to download the full curriculum for Traffic Officer Qualification from the QCTO website.

  • Curriculum document
  • Qualification document
  • External Assessment Specifications document

Assessment Quality Partner (AQP)

An AQP means a body delegated by the QCTO to develop assessment instruments and manage external summative assessment of specific occupational qualifications. The RTMC has been appointed by the QCTO as the AQP for this qualification. The External Internal Summative Assessment conducted through the relevant QCTO AQP is required for the issuing of this qualification.

External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA)

After the completion of all three components of the qualification the learner must enrol for the External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA). The EISA will focus on the critical elements of all exit level outcomes and will be competency based. The EISA will be conducted through one written assessment incorporating practical element where possible. The EISA will be conducted at the QCTO accredited Assessment Centres. The qualification is awarded by the QCTO after the successful completion of the EISA.


A learnership has been registered against this qualification – learnership registration number 29Q290045004066 That means that employers who provide the workplace experience to learners can enter into learnership agreements with their learners and can then qualify for the financial incentives associated with a learnership.

Learnership Agreements 

Learnership agreements will be completed according to the requirements of the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA), namely SASSETA. For the interim (pilot phase) the learnerships agreements will be administered by the RTMC Academy as the only Skills Development Provider (SDP) accredited by the QCTO.

Qualification ID 101875 Occupational Certificate: Road Traffic Safety Officer (NQF Level 6)