NHBRC Late Enrolment fees

NHBRC Late Enrolment fees is R150. 00 per unit and R250. 00 per hour inspection fee to assess compliance with NHBRC technical requirements, R1.

Late Enrollment: Plot & Plan/ Cluster development/ Spec building / cash build

EFOO3- Soil classification on B3

B1 – D1

Late enrolment questioner

Single storey –RD1, RD2, RD5 (F3 IF REQUIRED)

Double storey – RD1, RD3, RD5 (F3 IF REQUIRED)

Proof of payment

Documents to be attached:

Title deed or agreement of sale (for land)

Contract between builder and owner of the house

Approved Plans

Late Enrollment: Sectional title

ST 003

D1- for each unit

Late enrolment questioner – for each unit

Documents to be attached

Deed of sale of units sold – or estimated selling price per market value per unit

Deed of transfer/ sale for land

Copy of floor and Site plans 

Late Enrollment

Late enrollment occurs when a registered home builder has not complied with the rules of the NHBRC to enroll the house fifteen days prior to he commencement of construction. Late enrollment of a house imposes considerable risk for the NHBRC in that a late inspection of such a unit may not identify underlying structural defects.

The following documents are required for late enrollment:

  • Completed NHBRC Pro-Forma Documents – EF003 (Enrollment form) + Appendix B1  + Appendix D1 
  • Payment of enrollment fee + Late enrollment inspection fee (up-front payment) – bank guaranteed cheque
  • Confirmation of selling price (price structure) – sale agreement or deed of sale for land with building contract
  • Copy of the plans
  • Street address, area map and contact person on site

Late enrollment fees, applicable in addition to the enrollment fees are:

R150.00 per unit for late enrollment, R250.00 per hour inspection fee to assess compliance with NHBRC technical requirements, R1.73 per km travelled for travelling costs.

The Council (NHBRC) may request any surety, guarantee, indemnity or other security considered reasonably by the Council to satisfy its obligations under section 16 (1) of the Housing Consumer Protection Measures Act No. 95 of 1998 before issuing the enrolment certificate.