NHBRC D1 form

The Competent person is required to issue the Appendix D1 form (completion certificate) to certify that he has inspected the work during construction and have found the work to be in accordance with my design and or requirements.

The NHBRC may also require the home builder to notify the inspectorate of the above mentioned key stages of construction determined by the Council in enough time to allow the Council to arrange for inspection at its discretion.

An inspector may, for the purpose of inspecting a home during its construction, enter and inspect the premises constituting the site of the construction at any reasonable time.

For the purposes of an investigation, an inspector may—

(a) require the production of the drawings and specifications of a home or any part of a home, including plans approved by the local authority and plans and specifications prescribed in the Rules or the Home Building Manual, for inspection from the home builder and may require information from any person concerning any matter related to a home or any part of a home;

(b) be accompanied by any person employed or appointed by the Council who has special or expert knowledge of any matter in relation to a home or part of a home; and

(c) alone or in conjunction with any other person possessing special or expert knowledge, make any examination, test or enquiry that may be necessary to ensure compliance with the Home Building Manual.

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