This blog post writes down all the required steps to find your MyUNISA Exams. Let’s boss on to the step-by-step guide.

 Exams can be stressful, obviously, but there are ways to reduce that, mostly through planning, studying hard and being well prepared.

Examinations are conducted on college-specific exam portals and are accessed from the myExams portal and not the myModules portal. For this reason, you should know how to access the myExams portal and how to navigate from the myExams portal to your exam on your college’s exam portal.

The below diagram provides an overview of the steps to follow to access your modules assessment:

The myExams portal list the exams to be conducted for the upcoming five (5) days, so your module will only be listed if it falls within the five (5) days.

You will need to use your browser and not the Unisa myModules app to access the myExams portal.

Steps to access the myExams portal:

1. Open myUnisa at

2. On the myUnisa page, click on the myExams button at the bottom
right Important links box as per the image below.

3. On the myExams portal click on the date your assessment is scheduled as per
your exam timetable (see the image below). This will reveal the links to the
modules scheduled for the date selected.

4. You can now click on your module and this will open the modules assessment page on your college’s portal

5. Clicking on your module will open your college’s exam portal.

6. Type in your myUnisa username and password and click on the Login button.

7. You will then be directed to the Dashboard of your college’s exam portal.

8. Click on the myExams button in the header and select the module for which you need to complete the exam.

9. On the modules exam page select the MCQ (Quiz) or Take Home (Assignment) assessment.

10. You can now review the assessment information and start.