Mandela Coins

Mandela coins are commemorative coins made to honor the life and contribution of the late Nelson Mandela to South Africa. They were intended for general circulation, but only limited numbers were released, making them quite rare in the market.

The Mandela R5 coins are legal tender in South Africa, bearing the value of R5 only. This commemorative coin has no higher value than other circulation coins and is therefore not a collectible coin.

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Over 5.2 million circulation issue Mandela coins were issued in 2000. In 2003, the South African Mint took the 2000-dated Mandela 5 Rand dies and put them back into production to strike over 1.024 million more Mandela coins that were released into circulation. An additional 40,000 Mandela coins were produced using the Proof dies.

The value of these coins fluctuates due to market changes. For instance, the 90th birthday coin can fetch you anything between R50 and R1,000 on Bidorbuy.

Where to Sell Mandela Coins – Price List and Which Banks Buy

Many people collect South African coins, such as the Nelson Mandela coins, as a hobby, but there is more to this practice than many people imagine. First, the process is more valuable since these coins can be sold for a profit to the right buyer. Mandela coins, for example are some of the most lucrative coins you can invest in. You may want to know how much they cost currently if you have a few of them around. However, it only makes sense if you can get the actual cost of the coins and also the know-how and where to sell them.

Generally, these coins are meant to serve as recognition of South Africa’s legends’ input. It is impossible to talk about the history of South Africa without mentioning these coins. These commemorative coins have been circulating since their launch on the eve of Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday. Coin collectors continue to seek out these valuable coins.

Where to Sell your Mandela Coins

While it is generally known that Mandela coins have a significant value, no specific price tag is attached to them. The value of the coins keeps fluctuating and may depend on the supply and demand needs at the time. However, it is estimated that the value of the coins was highest or rose sharply during Mandela’s death period. In 2017, R27 of each coin sold was donated to the Mandela Foundation. However, the prices have changed since.

Collectors are asked to be careful when deciding where and whom they want to sell the Mandela coins. Since there are no specific values attached to the coins, it is up to the collector of these coins to do thorough research before deciding where to sell the coins. Experts advise having several online and offline options to ensure that they are not getting a raw deal. With proper research, it is possible to get a significant return from selling the coins. Where one sells the coins depends significantly on their personal preference. While some people would rather visit a local shop to sell the coins, others have no issue selling them online. Whichever option you choose, make sure it is right for you. Below are a few places that make sense if you are interested in selling the pieces at a reasonable pricing.

Final Thoughts

Mandela coins are a prized possession to own. However, knowing where to sell and what price makes a huge difference. Take time to ensure you are making the right choice.