Lovedale College

Lovedale TVET College has a long and prestigious story to tell in the history of education in South Africa. Although the institution has changed shape and direction many times over the years, it has nonetheless remained an educational institution that has always had the interests of the surrounding community at heart.

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To be a College of excellence to deliver vocationally and occupationally skilled professionals as required by the economy.


The institution strives to be a well capacitated, accessible credible and self-sustaining TVET College, with flexible and dynamic programmes which are responsive to the needs of the community, public and private sectors.


Lovedale TVET College is committed to upholding the following values:

  • Professional integrity and good work ethics
  • Culture of teaching and learning
  • Culture of performance management and team work
  • Staff development and holistic development of learners
  • Respect for and promotion of cultural diversity
  • Democratic principles
  • Sound labour and human relation policies
  • Mutual understanding and respect for each other
  • Easy access to and flow of information
  • Occupational health and safety