Lovedale tvet college Campuses

Alice Campus

Alice campus is situated in Alice, 60 kms from King William’s Town. Alice Campus is our most rural campus, where we focus on primary agriculture. The tranquil atmosphere, with cattle heading towards the milking parlour, and vegetables and other crops growing in the fields, is a prospective farmer’s dream! The campus consists of six hectares in total, making it big enough for the animals to graze and to have a reasonably sized area for crop production. The picture is completed by laboratories where soil science is studied.

This is the site of the original Lovedale College and is regarded as the mother campus, forming an essential part of the formidable history of education in South Africa.

Programmes offered at the campus

King William’s Town Campus

King Campus is a vibrant campus situated on the outskirts of King William’s Town. It is the biggest campus in terms of numbers, and has a capacity of up to a thousand students. The campus has state of the art facilities such as a well stocked Resource Centre, a Simulated Enterprise for business studies, five modern computer laboratories and modern classrooms.

King Campus specializes in business studies and it is also where the main administration offices of the college are situated.

Programmes offered at the campus

Zwelitsha Campus

Zwelitsha Campus is situated in Zwelitsha just 5 km outside King William’s Town. It is renowned for its Engineering Courses, specializing in mechanics, carpentry and building amongst others. This campus is equipped with specialized morden workshops, machinery and facilities, and attracts both male and female students.

The campus has some of best qualified artisans for delivering the programmes. Another highlight of the campus is availability of the trade test centre for motor mechanics.

Programmes offered at the campus