List Of Courses Offered At Boland TVET College

Boland TVET College in South Africa offers a variety of National Diploma and National Certificate courses across five faculties:

Faculty of Economics and Management

  • National N-Diploma (N4-N6):
    • Human Resource Management
    • Financial Management
    • Marketing Management
    • Business Management
    • Public Management

Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism

  • National N-Diploma (N4-N6):
    • Hospitality Management
    • Tourism Management

Faculty of Office Management Sciences

  • National N-Diploma (N4-N6):
    • Office Management
    • Business Administration

Faculty of Information Technology and Agriculture

  • National N-Diploma (N4-N6):
    • Farming Management
  • National Certificate (Vocational) (L2-L4):
    • IT & Computer Science

Faculty of Engineering Studies

  • National N-Diploma (N4-N6):
    • Civil Engineering and Building Construction
    • Engineering and Related Design
    • Safety and Security


  • Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET)
  • National Vocational Certificate (NVC)

Boland TVET College also offers a variety of short courses and workshops on a range of topics, including:

  • Computer skills
  • Business skills
  • Hospitality skills
  • Tourism skills
  • Engineering skills
  • Safety and security skills