KPMG Nunwood

The KPMG Nunwood Excellence Centre is an international think tank, dedicated to helping members turn customer best practice into effective business results. We have more than 11 years of collective experience spanning across 34 countries with 600 customer professionals. 

Developing an understanding of global best practice

Annual global research coverage provides a view of best practices around the world. The latest analysis across 27 markets explores how organisations are reacting and adapting to the new reality.

A perspective through the lens of The Six Pillars

The Six Pillars outline the best practices in customer and employee interactions. They provide a simple toolkit that you can use to build lasting customer and employee connections.

KPMG Nunwood highlights:

  • 11 years of ongoing research and signals analysis
  • Coverage of 34 markets
  • 3,500 detailed brand reviews
  • CEO and employee interviews
  • 4 million individual evaluations
  • 385,000 consumers interviewed
  • Identifies best practice in adapting to the new reality
  • Predictive of economics – both cost and growth
  • Highlights emerging best practice in leadership and business management