How much is the registration fee at UFS?

Students who are sponsored by an institution, the 2021 Summer School fee is $100.

For self-funded students, the fee is $80.

Participants to the Summer School may attend the IATIS Regional Workshop for free if they have joined up as members of IATIS.

Please note that the fee covers access to library and computer facilities as well as tuition, course material, and light refreshments. It does not cover travel, accommodation, or any meals. The organising of this is also not done by the school organisers and is the sole responsibility of the student.

Deadline for payments:

Proof of payment should be emailed to Kobus Marais at before 21 July 2021.
Payment method

  • The following payment form should be downloaded, completed and forwarded by 21 July 2021. Please follow the instructions on the form for sending proof of payment.
    • Please make an electronic payment via your bank/internet into the following account:Bank: ABSA Branch: Public Sector
      Branch code: 630 734
      Account name: University of the Free State
      Account number: 1570 850071
      Swift code: ABSAZAJJ
      Type of account: Cheque/Current

      NB: As reference, fill in 1 151 O3434 plus your initials and surname on the deposit slip. Please note, there is a letter “o”, not a zero, before the 3434.
  • Complete the form above.
  • Please email or fax this form to Kobus Marais:
    Phone: +27 51 401 2798
    Fax: +27 51 401 9639


Certificates of attendance are issued at the end of the course.