How do I unlock my NMU account?

  • contact the HelpDesk by calling (906) 227-2468 or by emailing for help unlocking your account and determining the cause of your lockout. 
  • If you are unable to log in, you may likely be entering wrong NMU UserID and/or password. Make sure that you are just using the first part of your email, for example, jsmith instead of entering 

​ If you are still unable to log in, navigate to, and follow the steps to recover and change your password and then verify your Account Status is active.

Account Lockout Types

NMU users can be locked out of their NMU account (MyUser, MyNMU, Webmail, etc.) for various reasons, as listed below. Some of these lockouts can be fixed by the user, but many of the account lockout types will need the assistance of the Helpdesk to unlock. While locked out, a user will be unable to access most account services and will not have network access. 

  1. Copyright Violation – When a user is caught illegally downloading music, games, movies, or anything else defined as illegal in the Acceptable Use Policy, this type of lockout can occur. NMU will contact the user’s email address, and then the user will have to come to the Helpdesk after his or her second offense to have a full-time staff member unlock the account. The user will also need to sign a waiver for the copyright violation. You can review the copyright violation system here
  2. Password Recovery – If a user has forgotten his or her password and was unable to answer their challenge question through the password recovery system, the account will be locked and the user will need to come to the Helpdesk with photo identification. 
  3. Virus Lockout – If a user has a device registered to his or her account that is infected with a virus, the user will be deregistered and will have to come to the Helpdesk for virus scans and to get the account unlocked. 
  4. Spam/Compromised Account Lockout – If a user’s account is locked due to spam, or identified in other ways as a compromised account , the user’s account will be locked and unable to access email and other account services. The user should be able to log into MyUser to change his or her password and unlock the account. If not, the user will have to visit the Helpdesk to have the account unlocked.