How do I know if I own Sanlam shares?

Sanlam shares can be held in four ways:

  1. Shares in the Sanlam Share Account (a Computershare Central Securities Depository Participant / CSDP)
  2. Shares held in your own name in Computershare’s CSDP
  3. Shares held by a bank or broker in other CSDP’s
  4. Shares held by means of share certificates

Shares in the Sanlam Share Account (a Computershare Central Securities Depository Participant)

The Sanlam Share Account Nominee Pty Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd and a nominee company established to hold Sanlam securities on behalf of its shareholders. If you had a qualifying Sanlam policy in 1998 during Sanlam’s demutualisation, you would have been allocated shares and after successful validation these free shares were issued to you. Those shares are likely to be held in the Sanlam Share Account if you did not request a certificate.

Sanlam’s appointed transfer secretary Computershare Ltd, is authorized to administer the Sanlam Share Account. It is administered by Sanlam and serviced by Computershare, which acts as transfer secretary for Sanlam shares.

Computershare provides custody and settlement services for the Sanlam Share Account. This is a cost effective and easy option for share dealing services, particularly for smaller shareholders.

As a shareholder, you can also use the services of a stockbroker of your choice. However, this option has cost implications.

There are no fees charged for holding your shares in the Sanlam Share Account, but Sanlam reserves the right to recover the costs associated with changes to address and bank account details. You will receive a statement confirming your shareholding twice a year, free of charge.

You can contact Computershare at to establish whether you own any shares in Sanlam.

Shares held in your own name in a CSDP

You can hold shares through Computershare’s CSDP facility in your own name. However, fees levied by Computershare for the facility will not be carried by Sanlam – this will only happen if you use the Sanlam Share Account. Therefore, shareholders choosing not to use Sanlam Share Account will have to cover any costs themselves.

Please contact Computershare to establish whether you own any shares in Sanlam and for other details and costs.

Shares held in other CSDP’s

You can hold your shares in a CSDP through a nominee company of a stockbroker or any other nominee company such as a bank. Consult your stockbroker or bank to establish whether you own Sanlam shares.

They will provide you with details and costs should you wish to go this route.

Shares held by means of share certificates

You may continue to hold your shares by means of physical share certificates. However, by holding your shares in a certificated form, you are exposed to the risks and costs associated with your certificate being lost, defaced or destroyed.

You will have to dematerialise your share certificate before you will be able to trade, sell or transfer, your shares. In the meantime, your share certificates will remain your proof of ownership.