How do I buy shares?

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You can buy Sanlam shares on three stock exchanges:

  • The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) with share code SLM
  • The Namibia Stock Exchange (NSX) with share code SLA
  • A2X Stock Exchange (A2X) with security code SLM

All purchases of Sanlam shares will result in you holding them in dematerialised format.

For all three exchanges, you can buy shares in the following ways:

Buying shares through Computershare’s share dealing service

To buy shares in Sanlam, contact Computershare’s dealing services. Once you have bought shares, Computershare will place the shares in the Sanlam Share Account. In such an event, the fee for the transfer to Sanlam Share Account will be included in the administration fee of the transaction.

Buying shares through a stockbroker

Please contact your stockbroker for full details. If you do not have an account at a stockbroker, you have to open one and comply with the requirements of FICA before transactions will be done for you.

You can request the stockbroker to place your shares in the Sanlam Share Account or any other CSDP of your choice. If you are already a client of the particular CSDP, the stockbroker will be able to arrange that. If not, you will first have to meet the entry requirements of the CSDP.

There are costs involved if you buy through a stockbroker and then want to place the shares in the Sanlam Share Account. The stockbroker will advise you about these costs.

Private purchases

You may buy shares privately. Note that strict exchange rules and legislation prohibit the active trading of shares outside the formal stock exchanges.

If you are involved in such a transaction, both parties must complete a transfer form (obtainable from Computershare). The form and proof of payment of the Securities Transfer Tax (STT) if applicable, must be forwarded to Computershare with the necessary additional information and/or documentation and the applicable payments as set out by Computershare.

If shares acquired privately are still in certificated form, they will automatically be transferred to the Sanlam Share Account in the name of the new owner in a dematerialised format. If you require a certificate thereafter, it can only be issued to you after the transfer has been done, on payment of the applicable fees. However, to trade these shares at a later stage, it will have to be dematerialised once again. This will carry all costs and admin fees related to the changes.