Does NSFAS Still Provide Book Vouchers?

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) provides funding for students at higher education institutions. So does NSFAS still provide book vouchers now that students are using online learning? 

In the past NSFAS has provided book vouchers as part of their funding so that students are able to purchase any books related to their course of study. But now that many universitites are using online learning, will NSFAS still provide book vouchers? 

The answer is no they won’t and NSFAS has said that this is due to many reasons including the fact that learning is now moving towards online platform. 

The following are the reasons why NSFAS no longer issues book vouchers:

  • students were becoming targets of voucher scams 
  • There were commercial interests by merchants providing services to students at a fee using vouchers. 
  • Many students were trading the book vouchers for cash outside many supermarkets. 
  • The voucher system was very limited to selected merchants who monopololised the student market 
  • These vouchers also didn’t provide students with the financial freedom on where to purchase books, including second-hand retailers. 
  • The book allowance had been increasingly extended to a learning materials allowance that included laptops and tablets.