Coastal kzn tvet college Admission Requirements

The following information is important to all current and future students who intend registering for the NC(V) courses in January. Registration will be open from 08h00 to 15h00 daily. Students must arrive as early as possible.

A pass in Grade 9 or equivalent qualification.

How long is the Qualification?NCV is a three year qualification offered at Levels 2, 3 and 4. Each level takes a full year of study. A student is issued with a certificate on the successful completion of each level of study.

Which subjects make up a NCV?A s student is required to take 7 subjects for each level

a. 3 Fundamental Subjects (Level 2 – 4)

  • Language
  • Life Orientation
  • Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy

b. 4 Vocational Subjects (Level 2 – 4)

We offer the following NCV Programmes:

Business Studies

Engineering Studies

General Studies

1. When Can a Student Register?

The registration of all NCV courses will start in January at the following campuses:

Appelsbosch Campus – Appelsbosch- Business Studies and Engineering Studies
As Salaam Campus – Braemar- Business Studies and Engineering Studies
Durban Campus -Jameson Crescent- General Studies and Engineering Studies
Swinton Campus – Swinton Road, Mobeni-Business Studies and Engineering Studies
Ubuhle Bogu Campus – KwaQiko – Business Studies
Umbumbulu Campus – KwaMakhutha – Business Studies
UmlaziBB Campus -BB Section- Business Studies
Umlazi V Campus – V Section – Engineering Studies and Primary Agriculture

2. When Will Classes Start?

All NCV students must return for registration by January as it is a Departmental directive that NCV classes MUST start in January. This implies that the entire enrolment process should be completed on January.

3 Registration Process For Returning Students

3.1. All returning students should collect their examination results at their campuses in January.
3.2. All qualifying students undergo NSFAS application process.
3.3. All students who meet the progression criteria (as indicated in paragraph 5 below) will register in their respective levels.

4 Admission Criteria For New Enrolments- NCV

4.1. Students who endeavour to enrol for NCV Level 2 Business and General Studies programs must have completed and passed  Grade  10-11; and  Grade 12 with  Mathematics for  the  Information  & Technology as well as Finance,Economics & Accounting programs.

4.2. Students who endeavour to enrol for NCV Level 2- all Engineering Studies must have completed and passed a minimum of Grade 10-11Mathematics (not Mathematical Literacy).
4.3. Students who endeavour to enrol for NCV Level 2 Electrical Construction – may, on applying for employment,be required to pass a Colour competency test.

Progression Criteria

5.1. Students who endeavour to enrol for NCV Level 3 must have already passed a minimum of 5 NCV Level 2 subjects.
5.2. Students who endeavour to enrol for NCV Level 4 must have already passed all 7 Level 2 subjects as well as a minimum of 5 NCV Level 3 subjects.

6.   Supplementary  Exams- Ncv Only:

6.1. Only students who have passed a minimum of three subjects will be permitted to register and write the supplementary exam if they meet the sub-minimum requirements.  Students who have passed less than three subjects may register as full-time (repeating) students,space permitting.
6.2. The sub-minimum Final November examination marks required for entry to a supplementary exam are:

6.2.1.      Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy (25%- 29%)
6.2.2.      English (First AdditionalLanguage)  {35%- 39%)
6.2.3.      Life Orientation {35%- 39%)
6.2.4.      Vocational & Core subjects (45%- 49%)
(Students who achieve Jess than the minimum sub-minimum marks indicated will not be eligible to sit the supplementary exam. The student needs to enter for a full-time/recovery programme)

6.3. If these subjects are failed again in the Supplementary exam, the student will need to attend a full­ time class or recovery programme for these subjects and re-write the November examination. The student will be responsible for the payment of the re-write fee per subject.

7.   NCV Recovery Program

7.1. The NCV recovery programme as implemented in previous year will again be implemented the following year.

7.2. Students meeting the enrolment criteria for NCV Levels 3 and 4 with failed previous level subjects will be responsible for the payment of the recovery programme fee.  Non-payment of this fee will result in the student being DEREGISTERED from rewriting this subject.

7.3. All recovery  programme students  will  be required to develop  a new  ICASS year  mark  by sitting new assessments which must be placed as evidence into a subject POE.

8.   Certification Criteria

8.1. In order for a student to qualify for a NCV Certificate, a student needs to have passed the following subjects:
NCV Level 2 =7 subjects
NCV Level 3 =7 subjects
NCV Level 4 =7 subjects
8.2. A total of 21subjects is required to qualify to receive the exit level NCV Certificate at NQF Level4.

8.3. DHET will issue Statement of Results for all levels. As the certification body, Umalusi will continue to issue certificates.
8.4. Students who did not obtain all 7 subjects on one level in one exam sitting and who rewrote and passed outstanding subjects in a Supplementary or November exam, will have to  apply for their certificates  through the Campus exam office.   This will take time and you may only receive this certificate after a minimum of 6 months.