Which courses does UJ offer?

Below are the courses offered at the University of Johannersburg. This post answers Which courses does UJ offer?

Courses offered at the University of Johannesburg.

  • College of Business and Economics (including the Johannesburg Business School)
  • Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture.
  • Faculty of Education.
  • Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment.
  • Faculty of Health Sciences.
  • Faculty of Humanities.
  • Faculty of Law.
  • Faculty of Science.

UJ’s First-Year Experience (FYE) Programme provides students with a suite of support and development options designed to facilitate a smooth transition from school to university. The Senior Student Experience (SSE) Programme helps launch students into post-university life, whether they choose to get a postgraduate degree or venture into the working world. For those students who do choose the path of professional life, 92.6% of UJ’s students are