What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Matric Certificate

If you have lost your matric certificate and need to reply for a new one, you can keep reading to find out how to do it. 

An application for lost or replacement certificates needs to be done at any office of the Department of Education. 

The following steps are how to apply for a replacement of your Matric/Grade 12 certificate:

  1. Go to your nearest Department of Education to obtain an application form or visit the website of the National Department of Basic Education: http://www.education.gov.za/
  2. Fill in all of the details required on the form, make sure that you have completed the form. 
  3. You must bring a signed affidavit from the police station along with your application, which states the status of the original certificate, e.g. whether it was stolen or lost in a move. 
  4. You must also bring a certified copy of your ID as well as proof of payment of administration fees. The administration fee is payable with a request for a certificate, the amount you have to pay is confirmed by the accredited assessment body and is reviewed on a yearly basis. 

If you were an IEB or SACAI student, you should apply directly to these bodies. 

If by some chance you find your lost certificate, the old certificate becomes invalid. 

The processing time is about 1-6 weeks under normal circumstances. 

If you are applying to replace a certificate that was issued prior to November 1992. You can request this at any Department of Education. The replacement certificate will not be printed by Umalusi but rather the relevant Assessment. 

The processing time is 1-3 weeks under normal circumstances.