What if my USPS package hasn’t been delivered?

Call 1-800-275-8777 to lodge a complaint about any domestic or international mail that has been delayed. Alternatively, visit USPS online and click the “Where is My Mail” or “Where is My Package” tabs. File a claim for either domestic or international mail if any of your mail is missing or damaged.

Locate errant mail

Your mail is significant to you and the USPS®, whether you are sending it or receiving it. We wish to locate any missing or delayed mail. Follow these instructions to assist us in locating your mail if you believe your shipment or mail is missing or delayed.

Step by step instructions to Begin Your Inquiry

  1. Actually take a look at the Ongoing Status

Before you start your inquiry, in the event that your bundle or mail has following, really look at USPS Tracking® to see its ongoing status.
Informed Delivery® Clients
Informed Conveyance gives a computerized review of your approaching mail. There might be events where a mail thing might be deferred in arriving at its objective. For extra data, kindly visit Informed Conveyance FAQs.

  1. Complete an Assist with mentioning Structure

We suggest that you complete our internet based assist with mentioning structure before you start a missing mail search. Kindly utilize a PC to present your structure. We’ll advance your solicitation to your nearby Post Office™ office to assist with finding any missing things.

  1. Present a Missing Mail Search Solicitation

If following 7 work days from when you presented your internet based assist with mentioning structure your mail or bundle hasn’t shown up, present a Missing Mail search demand with the accompanying data:
Shipper street number
Beneficiary postage information
Size and kind of compartment or envelope you utilized
Recognizing data, for example, your USPS Following number(s), the mailing date from your mailing receipt, or Snap N-Ship® mark receipt
Portrayal of the items, for example, what it is and the brand, model, variety, or size, if relevant
Pictures that could be useful to us perceive your thing