What happens if I pay my TV Licence late?

In South Africa, if you pay your TV Licence late, you will incur a penalty of 10% per month to a maximum of 100% per annum. This means that if you miss your monthly payment of R28.00, you will be charged an additional R2.80 in penalties. This amount will continue to accrue each month that your payment is late, up to a maximum of R265.00 per year.

In addition to the penalty fees, you may also be subject to legal action if you fail to pay your TV Licence. The Broadcasting Act 4 of 1999 states that it is an offence to use a television set without a valid licence. If you are convicted of this offence, you may be fined up to R500.00 or imprisoned for up to six months, or both.

To avoid these penalties, it is important to pay your TV Licence on time. You can pay your licence online, by debit order, or at any of the SABC’s pay points.