What can be traded on JSE?

The following can be traded on JSE Market.

These include the Bond Exchange of South Africa (BESA) as well as the South African Futures Exchange (SAFEX). These acquisitions enabled the JSE to act as a trading venue for up to five asset classes. Stocks, bonds, commodities and interest rate derivatives are all traded on the JSE.

Functions of the JSE

The JSE’s primary function is providing a trading venue for investors and other market participants. Here’s a summary of the roles that the bourse fulfills:

  • Businesses can approach the JSE to raise capital, either through public offers or rights issues.
  • The JSE links investors and traders with publicly listed companies.​
  • The JSE provides a regulated and safe trading venue for investors and traders who are interested in trading the listed stocks in South Africa.
  • By providing a transparent environment for trading, the JSE is instrumental in fraud detection and prevention in the cause of market activities.
  • The JSE provides an avenue for pension funds and other retirement savings funds to invest their holdings in low risk investment vehicles.
  • Provides information about the prices of traded assets on the exchange, which can be viewed and monitored globally.