USPS Informed Delivery

The USPS offers the free Informed Delivery service, which provides status updates on your arriving and outgoing items as well as preview photographs of incoming mail. You may view such notifications at any time via the dashboard from your phone, PC, or the USPS Mobile® app, as well as in the morning’s Daily Digest email. Other elements of Informed Delivery make monitoring and receiving your items simpler and more practical.

Mailpieces pass via high-speed sorting equipment as they move through the USPS® network, which snaps an image of the front (the side with the address). When mail arrives at your address soon, Informed Delivery will display grayscale photos of those mailpieces. (Some items, like periodicals or catalogs, also have color pictures.) You may view the status of both arriving and outgoing items using Informed Delivery.  Informed Delivery is free to customers.

You could be qualified for informed delivery if you have a home address or PO Box in a ZIP Code that is eligible (most ZIP Codes are). Note: Some apartment complexes or condos may not have addresses that are “uniquely coded,” and you must have a “uniquely coded” mailbox. Furthermore, commercial addresses are not currently acceptable. See if Informed Delivery is available at your address. Please come back later if your address isn’t yet accepted.

With Informed Delivery® alerts, get a sneak peek at your day’s USPS® mail and packages in the mornings:

  • Receive daily emails with a preview of your mail and upcoming goods.
  • View pictures of your letter-sized mail arrivals (grayscale, address side only).
  • Track and manage all of your packages in one simple location.

Sign Up for Informed Delivery

1 Create Your Account

Use your personal account or sign up for one today.

2 Verify Your Identity

Protect your privacy and personal information by verifying your identity and address.

3 Watch for Updates

Look for mail and package updates via email, the online dashboard, or the USPS Mobile® app.

Maximize Your Informed Delivery Experience

After you set up and verify your account, go to your Informed Delivery settings to adjust your notification preferences:

Set Package Tracking Notifications

Turn on package tracking notifications and you’ll automatically get text and/or email alerts with the status of your package and delivery details.

Schedule & Receive Mail Reminders

Schedule email reminders for important mailpieces: From your Daily Digest email, click “Set a Reminder” to get additional notifications for mail you don’t want to miss.

USPS Electronic Signature Online

If you can’t sign for a package in person, register your digital signature online, and we’ll drop off your Signature Required package in your mailbox or preferred delivery location.

Make Better Use of Your Packages

It’s simpler to handle deliveries from your Informed Delivery dashboard so that you can instantly monitor the status of all of your shipments in one location. One can:

  • View your package’s specifics and tracking information.
  • Give your courier the USPS Delivery Instructions® 3
  • Plan a Redelivery for a different day.
  • Give the package a special name.
  • Remove any packages you don’t want to be tracked.
  • Track the status of the Click-N-Ship® packages you send to other people automatically.
  • manually enter any additional USPS Tracking® numbers you want to follow.