USCIS Address Change

It can take USCIS 3 a month to refresh your location in your record. For an earnest, latest possible moment change of address, doing it by phone is ideal. a T Visa application (dealing casualty), or • a U Visa application (wrongdoing casualty) • an I-751 waiver in view of abusive behavior at home/misuse.

You’re permitted to move house while on a green card, however remember to inform U.S. Citizenship and Migration Administrations (USCIS) of your location change. In addition to the fact that it is essential to keep getting official notification about your migration status — but on the other hand it’s the law. Neglecting to report another location speedily is a misdeed, and could prompt fines, prison time, or even removal.

Luckily, keeping USCIS in the know is simple. The vast majority can basically refresh their location on the web, however some might have to mail in Structure AR-11 (authoritatively called the “Outsider’s Difference in Address Card”). This guide will assist you with understanding when and how to change your location with USCIS appropriately.

Most unfamiliar nationals, as well as U.S. residents who have supported a migrant, should tell USCIS quickly assuming they move house. Neglecting to do so could bring about deferrals to forthcoming applications, fines, a prison sentence, or even removal. Practically speaking, USCIS doesn’t have the assets to arraign each settler who neglects to refresh their location — however in the ongoing environment, carrying on reasonably is ideal.

Super durable Occupants

As a green card holder, you should tell USCIS in no less than 10 days of changing your location. The guidelines are the equivalent whether or not you have a contingent 2-year green card or an unqualified 10-year green card.

Other Non-Residents

In the event that you have an impermanent visa, for example, a H-1B business visa, you should refresh your location with USCIS in the span of 10 days of moving house.

The just non-foreigner guests excluded from this prerequisite are:

Unfamiliar negotiators and government authorities (A visas);
Government delegates to worldwide associations (G visas); and
Vacationers and different guests utilizing a visa waiver program for excursions of under 30 days.
U.S. Residents
On the off chance that you are a U.S. resident who has supported a settler by finishing up Structure I-864, authoritatively known as an “Testimony of Help,” you ought to tell USCIS in something like 30 days of any adjustment of address. This is certainly not a lawful prerequisite, so you won’t confront indictment on the off chance that you neglect to inform USCIS, however it could create setbacks or different issues for the worker.

Support necessities stay essentially until the supported worker turns into a U.S. resident, gets credit for 40 fourth of work, officially leaves the US and leaves inhabitant status, loses occupant status another way, or passes on.

The most effective method to Refresh Your Location With USCIS


There are three different ways for non-residents to present a difference in address to USCIS:

On the web, through the USCIS Change of Address page
The least difficult method for changing the location on record with USCIS is to utilize the internet based Difference in Address structure. It requires around 5 minutes to finish, and you can demand quick email affirmation. You ought to get mail affirmation of your location change inside around 15 days.

On the web, through your USCIS account in the event that you recorded your unique desk work on the web, you can sign into your USCIS online record to change your location rapidly and without any problem.
Via Mail
You can enlist an adjustment of address by submitting Structure AR-11, formally known as an “Outsider’s Difference in Address Card”, via mail. Make certain to utilize dark ink and to sign the structure, or it could be dismissed. The structure remembers guidelines for where to mail it.


On the off chance that you update your location on the web, you don’t have to likewise mail in Structure AR-11.
Assuming you in all actuality do mail in Structure AR-11, the location recorded is only for that structure. Any remaining applications and related charges should be sent to the location recorded in the guidelines well defined for those applications.
Not every person can refresh their location on the web. In the event that you’re a casualty of aggressive behavior at home, dealing, or certain different violations, you should finish up Structure AR-11 and mail it to USCIS’s Compassionate Division. Other unique cases incorporate common specialists and lawyers of record. You can really look at the full rundown of exemptions here.
In the event that you have at least one applications or petitions in the works, for example, Structure I-130 (“Appeal for Outsider Family member”) or Structure I-485 (“Application to Enroll Long-lasting Home or Change Status”), then, at that point, you should change your location for each forthcoming or as of late supported application. Assuming you utilize the web-based structure to change your location, you will have the choice to refresh your location for different applications simultaneously.
In the event that you have non-resident wards or other relatives, you’ll have to document a different location change notice for every individual from your family.
Since botches some of the time occur and things get lost, saving a duplicate of every affirmation for your records might be reasonable. On the off chance that you’re sending a paper duplicate of Structure AR-11, consider utilizing enrolled mail so you have a legitimate record.

U.S. Residents

There are 3 different ways for U.S. residents to tell USCIS about a difference in address:

On the web, through the USCIS Change of Address page

The least difficult method for changing the location on document with USCIS is to utilize the internet based Difference in Address structure accessible at It requires around 5 minutes to finish, and you can demand quick email affirmation. You ought to get mail affirmation of your location change inside around 15 days.
By PhoneU.S. residents can tell USCIS about an adjustment of address by calling them at 1-800-375-5283. (Non-residents are as yet expected to document structure AR-11 or a web-based warning, regardless of whether they’ve enlightened USCIS by telephone concerning a location change.)
Via Mail
You can enroll an adjustment of address by submitting Structure I-865 (“Support’s Notification of Progress of Address”) to report any location changes. Each support is expected to present this structure regardless of whether they inhabit a similar location.
Limitless makes it simple to finish your green card application, directing you through every one of the reports you want to assemble.

Data You’ll Have to Change Your Location

Prior to finishing up your difference in address structure, make certain to have the accompanying data helpful:

  • Your new location
  • Your old location
  • On the off chance that you are a green card holder, your green card receipt number. (This can be found on the notification USCIS sent you in the wake of accepting your unique application.)If you are a support, the name and other true to life data of the solicitor

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