University of Pretoria Bank details

South African Citizens

ABSAStandard Bank
Branch: HatfieldBranch: Hatfield
Branch code: 632005Branch code: 011545
Account number: 214 000 0054Account number: 012 602 604
Swift code: ABSAZAJJSwift code: SBZAZAJJ
Reference: Student numberReference: Student number
  • Always quote your student number (EMPLID) when making payments.
  • Allow at least five working days for processing by your bank and retain the proof of payment (deposit slip).
  • Do not email your deposit slip to UP, unless specifically requested to do so. Emailing the deposit slip to UP will NOT reduce processing time at the University and will NOT allow same day services, especially during registration.
  • No payment arrangements can be made for the registration fee or residence reservation fee.
  • Official UP Cashier payments will be activated on the same day.
  • No cash payments for tuition fees will be allowed on the Hillcrest campus during registration (including initial payments).
  • EFT payments will not be available on the same day. Not even cash deposits.
  • For the ABSA on-line banking page, click herefor help on setting up first time on-line banking. Search with ‘UNI’ as beneficiary and choose ‘students’ option. This will reflect UP’s bank account number 214 000 0054 when making a payment and will allow you to use your student number as reference.
  • Communication from Absa states that as of 1 May 2018, manually entered transactions on a point of sale device (card machine) will no longer be permitted i.e. payments will not be processed unless a card is presented for payment.

International payments

Can be made using a credit card (provided you have 3D one-time pin security in place with your own bank) on the university website, or by doing a SWIFT transfer from your bank in your own country.

Please use the correct university bank account for the various international transactions.

Account holderUniversity of PretoriaUniversity of Pretoria
Branch code632005632005
Account number2140 000 0382140 000 054
Deposit referenceInitials and surname8 digit Student number

Payment options: When it is not possible to make use of UP Cashiers, you
may use the above banking details for EFT payments, our on-line Credit Card payment system or Flywire.

Flywire Payment Option