Unisa CBM Registration

Once you have been accepted to start your studies at the University of South Africa, you’ll receive registration dates. The university will give you a time frame of a few weeks in which you have to register and pay your tuition fees. 

Breakdown of the Registration Process:

Visit the UNISA registration webpage.

  1. Choose your modules
  2. Calculate your tuition fees
  3. Complete and submit your registration process
  4. Make payment
  5. Complete Registration

After Registration

After registration, UNISA will send out your study material. You’ll need to set up a myLife email address. This email address makes it easy to communicate with your faculty and receive your study material electronically. 

Making Changes

If there are any changes that you want to make on registering with UNISA, you can visit the changing registration webpage and read the criteria for making changes. Ensure that you make the changes within the given deadline. 

Important Links

➢   Official UNISA website


➢   UNISA Online Application

➢   UNISA Banking Details