UIF Online

UIF online is a FREE online service that allows you to securely submit your UIF declarations and pay your monthly contributions. 

Access UIF Online portal here

How to Apply?

To activate your Employee account you need to have the following documents and information available:

  1. Your valid 13 Digit South African ID number
  2. Your e-mail address where all correspondence will be emailed
  3. Cell phone number mandatory

As an online registered Employee you will be able to securely submit your Application for Benefits (for Unemployment, Reduced Time Benefits, Maternity, Illness and Adoption), to submit Continuation of Benefits and Notice of Appeal.

 As an Employee you can:

  • Submit a Claim for various Unemployment Insurance Fund Benefits
  • Submit a request for Payment for various Unemployment Insurance Fund Benefits
  • View Claims History
  • Submit a Notice of Appeal
  • Navigate to “Employment” on the left menu to view your “Employee Declaration Status”

I am a Domestic Employer

 As a Domestic Employer you can:

  • Register as a Domestic Employer
  • Declare and pay your domestic employee’s UIF contribution to the fund
  • Verify that your declarations are up to date

I am a Practitioner

 As a Practitioner you can:

  • Register domestic and/or commercial employers on their behalf
  • Submit the declarations for the employers
    • Use the Declarations manager to add an employer to your profile
    • Update the required details of the employer
    • Add employees and manage declarations

I am a 3rd Party Delegate

 As a 3rd Party Delegate you can:

  • Declare and pay on behalf of an organisation
    • Use the declaration manager to navigate between employers
    • Add employees
    • Pay contributions

I am a Commercial Employer

 As a Commercial Employer you can:

  • Register as a Commercial Employer
  • Add a company and manage declarations
  • Declare and pay your company’s UIF contributions to the Fund
  • Verify that your declarations are up to date