UIF Calculator

With the UIF calculator, the ezUIF Benefits Calculator will estimate how much UIF you can expect to receive every month if your application is successful. 

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Below are the steps to calculate your own UIF.

In South Africa, the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) benefits can be calculated using a UIF calculator.

Determine Eligibility: Ensure you have contributed to UIF while employed.

Gather Salary Information: Collect your salary slips for the last six months. This is important because UIF benefits are based on your average earnings during this period.

Calculate Average Monthly Salary: Add up your total salary for the last six months. Divide this total by 6 to find your average monthly salary.

Understand the Salary Cap: UIF calculations are capped at a maximum salary level. As of this day, this cap is R17,712 per month. If your average salary is above this cap, use R17,712 for calculations.

Calculate Daily Earnings: Multiply your average monthly salary (or the capped amount) by 12 to get your annual salary. Divide this annual salary by 365 to find your daily earnings.

Determine the Income Replacement Rate (IRR): UIF pays a percentage of your salary, known as the Income Replacement Rate (IRR). The IRR varies from 38% to 60% of your daily salary.

Calculate Daily UIF Benefit: Apply the IRR to your daily earnings.

Calculate Total Benefit: UIF benefits are paid for a certain number of days, depending on your contribution period. Multiply your daily benefit by the number of credit days you are entitled to.

Understand Credit Days: For every four days worked, you earn one day of UIF credit. The maximum number of credit days is 365.

For example, if you earn R10,000 a month, then you just multiply R10,000 by 12 months = 108,000 and then divide by 365 (108,000/365)= R295.85 per day.