Ufh Blackboard

University of Fort Hare Blackboard Manual-pdf

Logging into Blackboard and commencing with the online examinations EQUATES to the acceptance of the G12 terms and conditions.  The original declaration is appended to your examination instructions – translated below for the online context. 

12. 1 Authentication and Password Security:  Examinations must be undertaken by students themselves and as such passwords must be changed regularly to protect online student profiles Password security is the responsibility of the individual student – DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD

12.3 Students may not have access to any documents, notes or any other resources during the examination unless otherwise instructed by the lecturer. Your course content will NOT be available on the day of your examination. It will be made available after the examination has been concluded.

12.4 In the case of an open-book examination, your lecturer will instruct you regarding what should be accessible for the purposes of the examination

12.6 Misreading of the examination dates will under NO CIRUCUMSTANCES be considered as grounds for supplementary examinations

Commencement of the examination by logging into Blackboard and clicking BEGIN to start the examination constitutes acceptance of the standard G12 rules and contravention of these rules will lead to disciplinary action.