Statssa Area Code

Click here to find the list of the Statssa Area Codes. The STATSSA Area Codes used in the SETMIS file specifications is based on the STATSSA sub place code. The code has been slightly modified in that it has the version (i.e. which Census the codes are derived from) prefixed to the STATSSA sub place code.

Note that the SETMIS system will only accept the codes listed on this webpage and must include the version as displayed on this webpage.

The data used in this webpage is sourced directly from STATSSA. It is important to note that the DHET does not manage the data presented on this webpage and as a result cannot be held responsible for the quality of the information displayed. The DHET has developed the STATSSA Area Search functionality only in order to provide a user friendly interface that will allow data suppliers (institutions/colleges/providers/employers and SETAs) to determine the STATSSA Area Code (referred to as STATSSA_Area_Code in the specifications) in line with the SETMIS load file specifications.

The STATSSA Area Search functionality provides you with a quick search and an advanced search (More search criteria) functionality.

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Note for system developers/administrators – MS Excel version of the codes can be downloaded here.

The Standard Industrial Classification Coding System. Click here for the SIC Coder v7. Memo (pdf: 771kb) and Manual (pdf: 2.55mb)

Causes of death, diseases & injuries

(Based on the International Classification of Diseases, ICD-10, 1993.) pdf (217KB)

Causes of death, diseases & injuries.

(Based on the International Classification of Diseases, I.C.D.Ninth Revision, 1975.) pdf (75KB)

Occupational Classification

Download pdf (660KB)