SSSC Registration Renewal

Social workers are registered for three years and students do not renew their registration.

For all other workers, registration lasts for five years.

Before your period of registration expires we will contact you with information on how to renew your registration. It is important that you renew your registration in order to remain registered.

To successfully complete your renewal you must submit an online application and pay the relevant renewal fee. If you just make payment and don’t submit your renewal application or alternatively submit your renewal but don’t pay the fee you could be removed from the Register.

You will then have to re-apply for registration and this could impact on your ability to work.

If this is your first renewal after being registered as a newly qualified social worker, you need to have your renewal endorsed by a manager from your place of employment.

If you have been asked to submit evidence of your PRTL, you must also provide this information at the point of renewing your registration.

You will be able to apply to renew your registration online through MySSSC before your registration period expires. When we contact you about your renewal you can create your account and renew your registration quickly at MySSSC.

Please note: If you have changed employment and need to change the part of the Register you should be on, please log into your MySSSC account and let us know.

View Your registration – a guide to getting started to find out what you need to do now you are registered.