SITA’s role is to consolidate and coordinate the State’s information technology resources to achieve cost savings through scale, increase delivery capabilities and enhance interoperability.

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The organisation is committed to leveraging Information Technology (IT) as a strategic resource for government, managing the IT procurement and delivery process to ensure that the South African government gets value for money, increased productivity; qualitative solutions, services and products; and uses best practice IT approaches in its modernisation and the delivery of services to all citizens.

SITA currently offers end-to-end solutions across a complete spectrum of IT services to multiple national, provincial and local government departments.

SITA views ICT’s as a national socio-economic game changer; through which ICT investment must be equated with growth, impact and citizen satisfaction. The organisation’s value proposition, ensures that it drives the progress of a connected government; that it supports government with secure and well maintained IT infrastructure, and that its outputs and outcomes are measured through quantifiable public service delivery interventions.




“Be the lead ICT agency to enable public sector deliver”

“To render an efficient and value added ICT service to the public sector in a secure, cost-effective and integrated manner, contributing to citizen convenience.”

In seeking to promote good governance and a code of conduct SITA has developed and promotes the following values:

Service Excellence – We shall strive to attain internationally recognised standards of service quality and maintain continuous improvement in service delivery;

Innovation – We shall pursue innovation by demonstrating thought leadership and proactive behaviour on the use of information and communication technology to enhance public service delivery;

Transparency – We shall always ensure transparency in everything we do in order to build trust and confidence with all our stakeholders;

Integrity – We shall conduct our business with integrity at all times to inculcate a culture of honesty, respect and accountability among all our employees;

Fairness – We shall treat all our partners, our suppliers and our employees with fairness and equity at all times; and

Prudence – We shall exercise prudence and economy in running the business of SITA.


How Does SITA Onboard Or Register New Service Providers On Transversal Term Contracts?

As per the procurement plan SITA will have defined commodities to be published on the financial year, but there are no specific dates for approval. Service Providers are requested to continually visit SITA website for such opportunities as SITA does not have a view of the possible candidates to respond for each commodity. To onboard Service Providers on Transversal contracts you are requested to continually check; Government tender bulletin and Treasury website for all published requirements.

Which Transversal Contracts Are Facilitated By SITA On Behalf Of The State?

These are the currently running contracts. There are also other commodities that are on the pipeline as published on SITA website, see Technology domains as published on SITA website, also paragraph 9 below.

RFB 2004OEM: Provision of Personal Computers, mobile devices and services
RFB 2005Reseller: Provision of Personal Computers, mobile devices and services
RFB 2006Microsoft [Services]
RFB 2007Reseller: Provision Of Peripherals, Consumables And Services
RFB 1183OEM: Provision Of Peripherals, Consumables And Services
RFB 2003Provision of Servers and Storage equipment, Solutions and Services

Please Assist With The Information In The Process Of Applying To Be Certified Reseller On The SITA Database?

SITA does not certify or register Service Providers, all RFBs and RFQs are published on SITA website under tenders and RFQs. Panels are published on; Government tender bulletin and Treasury website for all published requirements.

Where Does SITA Publishes Adhoc RFQs Or Any Request Where There Is No Contract In Place?

The requests are published via email on selected Suppliers from Central Supplier Database.

Where Can Service Providers Lodge Their Queries To Obtain More Information About SITA Tenders?

All published tender documents under enquiry includes the details of the contact person facilitating the specific tender or RFQ.

Can You Advice On The What Documents Required, Where Do We Submit Documents, And Where?

For Transversal term contracts, Service Providers will upload the published documents on SITA website and submit to a respective SITA office in your Province e.g you live in Limpopo, you submit in SITA Limpopo Office.

Where Can Service Providers Downloads Application Forms / Or Obtain SITA Certificates For Transversal Contracts?

There are no forms provided in order for Service Providers to participate on Transversal term contracts. SITA must comply with Section 217 of the Constitution, which requires that when an organ of state contracts for goods and services, it must do so in accordance with principles of fairness, equitability, transparency, competitiveness and cost-effectiveness. The list for OEMs that are currently accredited under the contracts are published under Transversal contracts 2005/2015 and 2007/2015 on SITA website ( Service Providers can request letters of accreditation from the respective OEMs.

Technology Domains As Published On SITA Website Www.Sita.Co.Za

In terms of the SITA Regulations paragraph 10.4 and National Treasury Practice Note 5 of 2009, SITA must conduct standard certification in respect of goods and/or services. In support of this, SITA invites OEMs and/or legal entities representing brands to submit their product ranges for certification. This initiative will be done independently of any tender process, and is implemented in support of Government transversal contracts. OEM partners (resellers) will submit bids as part of a tender process, but no technology or product evaluation will form part of the tender process.
Product certification will be done solely in conjunction with OEMs/brand representatives as part of a Technology Certification Process (TCP). The logos below indicate the product brands that have engaged SITA in terms of the TCP.
Technology domains addressed by the TCP include, but are not restricted to:
• Personal Computing Devices: Desktop PCs, Mobile PCs, Desktop displays, and Mobile devices (Tablets, Smartphones, eReaders).
• Peripherals: Printers, Multifunction devices, Scanners, Digital cameras, Auto-ID (Barcoding, Card devices), Optical storage (DVD duplicators), Small peripherals and Consumables.
• Servers & Storage: Servers (Rack-mount, Tower, Blade), Primary storage and Secondary storage (Tape, D2D, Archiving).
• Audiovisual Communications Technologies (AVCT): Video and audio conferencing, largeformat display devices (projectors, AV monitors and video walls), interactive whiteboards, collaboration, media recording, AV signal control and management.
• Networking: Switches, WLAN, Routers, Backhaul, Cabling (copper and fibre).
• Infrastructure: UPS, Equipment Racks, Generators, Cable ducting, trenching and routing.
• Assistive Technologies: Assistive devices and software for people with disabilities, including smart devices (tablets, PDAs, readers, media players, recorders and braille devices) and peripherals (input and output devices) developed for users with disabilities
Forms and documentation to initiate the process can be downloaded below. Technical specifications and supporting documents are available for download in the Technology Domains table.
The Technology Certification Process will be conducted on a continuous basis and will seek to include new OEMs, products and/or categories as and when they enter the market.
All TCP-related forms, Technical Specifications (including Tech Updates) and other documents Page 4 of 4 are available below.
For more information, please contact