Seda programmes

Seda’s five day entrepreneurial training courses empower small business owners with the necessary skills to enable them to take their businesses to greater heights. Entrepreneurs learn to:

  • Market their business effectively;
  • Understand the importance of building a reputable business profile as a marketing tool; and
  • Maintain financial records and develop their business plans.

The training courses also cover financial management, customer care, report writing and business writing skills, whilst helping entrepreneurs to identify areas of improvement for their businesses.

​​​​​​​​Women Enterprise Coaching programme

It is a 10 month coaching programme which aims to develop and enhance management competencies of owners and business managers by creating an environment conducive for the establishment of networks, sharing of experiences and exchange of information.

Qualification criteria
The programme targets SMMEs that have gone past the start-up phase:
       •  Businesses should be women owned;
       •  Business must have been in existence for a  minimum of 2 years;
       •  Employ a minimum of 5 employees;
       •  R1 million and not exceeding R35 million turnover per annum;
       •  The selection criteria should be aligned to identified government priority sectors e.g manufacturing, agro-‐processing and services (ICT, multimedia);
       •  Business should not be a subsidiary of another company;
       •  Participant must be directly involved in the day-‐to day running of the business;

Benefits to SMMEs
The programme provides women owned enterprises with knowledge, skills and tools needed to grow their businesses. It guides them through business operations whilst handholding them through strategic processes.

​​Seda Enterprise Development Tools​Description
These are day to day services provided at Seda branches to businesses which can lead qualifying SMMEs to access other programmes offered at Seda and includes the following:

Seda Business Talk:   

 • Information on      • Training     • Business Registration

Seda Business Start:
     • Business Planning     • Business Counselling     • Facilitation of Access to Finance      • Business Support

Seda Business Build – focusing on sustaining and strengthening businesses.

Assistance Provided:     • Capacity Building Systems     • Mentorship     • Tender Advice / Procurement     • Export Readiness     • Franchising
Seda Business Grow – focusing on growth and expansion.

Assistance Provided:    • Business Systems Development    • Cooperative Support    • Growth Strategy

​Qualification Criteria
All including:     • Prospective entrepreneurs     • Small and micro enterprises that are trading and looking to grow     • Medium enterprises that are looking to grow
 Benefits for SMMEs 

   • Proper diagnosis of the business     • Tailored solutions for specific problems in the business​     • Other interventions are informed by these offerings/interventions     • Client journey approach applied

Contact details

Seda network of branches throughout the country, details available at ​