Saps Meaning

Saps simply mean (South African Police Service).

What do the South African Police Service and the Aloe have in common?

  • Both are survivors which are able to operate effectively with very few resources;
  • both are to be found throughout South Africa irrespective of beautiful, cosy, harsh or dry surroundings;
  • they are able to deal with most conditions and are well equipped in terms of qualities and armoury;
  • although offenders may experience them to be hard and bitter, they have a healing effect on the community as a whole;
  • they are dynamic and change all the time, leaving their old, dry leaves behind at the bottom of the stem while creating better and stronger leaves higher up on the stem;
  • in spite of their hard and bitter qualities they also possess qualities of beauty and care;
  • they are easily identified and are always eye-catching;
  • they are protected from illegal interference and will not tolerate such interference at all;
  • their composition is extensive and they consist of many components; and
  • both form part of a larger ecosystem or community, on whom both are dependent, therefore they cannot exist and function on their own.