RAF Payment

RAF Payment offers an upfront cash payment against a valid Road Accident Fund court order or settlement agreement.
Once your attorney’s fees have been deducted, RAF Payment will be able to advance up to 40% of the amount owing to you.

The amount you are charged is dependent on how much money you choose to take upfront in your first payment and how long the Road Accident Fund takes to pay your attorney.

A consultant will explain exactly what your monthly charge will be before you sign your contract, but you do not have to make a monthly payment. Once the Road Accident Fund pays your lawyers, the monthly charges will be taken off in one amount and you will receive the balance of your money in this final payment.



In order to apply for a RAFPay advance you will need:

  • A court order OR settlement agreement
  • An attorney
 STEP 2 

Apply online OR WhatsApp (066 070 6380) OR
Phone (010 443 0281) OR
Email info@rafpay.co.za

 STEP 3 

A consultant will explain the process and send you payment options which will show you exactly how much you will receive. There are no hidden costs.

 STEP 4 

We will contact your attorney to make sure they’re happy to sign the necessary documents to approve the transaction.

 STEP 5 

Send us your documents

  • Copy of your ID
  • Court order
  • Proof of residential address
  • Proof of banking / banking document
 STEP 6 

You will receive payment within 24 hours after the contract is signed by you and your attorney.

 STEP 7 

Your second payment will be paid out as soon as the Road Accident Fund releases the payment to your attorney.