OKRS Benefits

Objective and key results (OKRs) boost efficacy and engagement by telling managers which team members are engaged. This information is easily accessible through a weekly OKR goals check-in process, which gives managers visibility into who’s achieving their OKRs. OKRs help managers build high-performing teams by empowering and engaging individuals so that they’ll be better at their work. Learn more about the benefits of using OKRs below.

Top 15 benefits of using OKRs:

  1. Align and connect your employees to your corporate goals
  2. Give clear direction to every team and individual
  3. Increase productivity through focus on goals
  4. Track regular progress towards goals
  5. Make more effective and informed decisions
  6. Achieve measurement, accountability, and transparency
  7. Use regular weekly updates to gain vision and insights
  8. See how goal progress aligns with the company’s vision, strategy, and top priorities
  9. Be effective in setting clear and specific goals
  10. Manage achievement and execution with greater accountability and transparency
  11. Boost individuals’ engagement and empowerment through your goal-setting process
  12. Increase insight and transparency across the organization for top-level executives
  13. Analyze root causes of why objectives are not achieved
  14. Improve resource allocation and management
  15. Capture cross-functional dependencies across teams