Northlink college Fees 2022

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Fee Payment Policy

Students requiring FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE can apply at campus level or contact


The college has financial assisted bursaries as well. For details please see BURSARIES

Refund Policy

Refund/Cancellation Policy

a) No cancellation of enrolment will be accepted, except in the cases as per (d) below;

b) Request for cancellation of enrolment must be done in writing, within 10 working days for trimester, 20 working days for semester and 30 working days for year programmes. Failing to do this will render the student liable to the full cost of the tuition fees; 

c) Registration fees, materials fees and upfront deposits are non-refundable; 

d) Reimbursement of tuition fees can be approved on the following grounds: 

  1. Death of a student; 
  2. Illness confirmed by a medical certificate; 
  3. Transfer to another educational institution (confirmed by the institution); 
  4. A course or subject not offered subsequent to registration or enrolment; 
  5. Subject clashes due to a change in the class timetable; 
  6. Where the programme enrolled for is already full and tuition fees have been paid;  
  7. If a student requests to enroll for fewer subjects, or wants to alter the subject he/she has enrolled for, not later than the second Friday of the year, semester or trimester after registration, and confirmed in writing by the person responsible for the payment of the account; or 
  8. any other reason that will be approved by the Council 

    e) Applications for reimbursement that will be dealt with on merit, include where: 

    1. The student has attended no classes and notified the campus manager in writing with valid reasons/motivation before the classes have commenced; and 
    2. The employment conditions of the student have changed in such a way that the student is unable to attend classes (The student’s employer must confirm this in writing); 

      f) The student will be reimbursed subject to the following conditions: 

      1. A Request for refund of tuition/hostel fees form must be completed in full and submitted to the Program Manager; 
      2. The reimbursement is approved by the Campus Manager. 
      3. The Student has returned all material issued as part of the programme registered for including text books.

        g) Should a student be expelled from the College, all claims to refunds of tuition fees shall be forfeited; 

        h) Reimbursements shall only be made using electronic transfers to the authorized individual; and 

        i) Cash reimbursements and cheques are not permissible. 

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