Nats Hampshire

NATS grew from a UK=focused business to contracts in more than 30 countries. It offers aerodrome, data and consultancy services. Customers include airports, air traffic service providers (ANSP) and governments. The company works through six service lines:


There are two control locations in the UK operated by NERL:

  • London Area Control Centre and London Terminal Control Centre at Swanwick in Hampshire control both upper level en-route traffic across England and Wales up to the Scottish border and low-level traffic around London and South East England, including aircraft making approaches to the main London airports.
  • The Prestwick Centre, Ayrshire, is home to the Scottish Area Control Centre (including, since January 2010, the former Manchester Area Control Centre), which controls traffic over Scotland, Northern Ireland, and up to FL285 over the northern half of England, and the Prestwick Oceanic Area Control Centre which provides a procedural control service for traffic crossing the North Atlantic via the Shanwick Oceanic Control Area.

Various radar stations are operated around the UK, one such being that on Great Dun Fell in Cumbria.