Nats Getty

Nats Getty (née Natalia Williams, born on November 30, 1992) is a former model and currently a designer from Los Angeles, CA. Nats is the great-grandchild of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty. The businessman, who founded Getty Oil in 1942, was named the richest living American by Fortune magazine in 1957. Nats is also the cousin of actor Balthazar Getty, who has starred in various films and television series, including Lord of the Flies and White Squall. Nats was born in Santa Monica, CA, and later moved to England with family.

Nats Getty took to social media on January 20, to share an important message with the world: “I am transgender and non-binary,” the 28-year-old designer wrote in a note on Instagram. Non-binary is used to describe people who feel their gender cannot be defined within the margins of gender binary definitions of a man or woman, via LGBT Foundation. In the statement, Nats shared, “I’m still taking time to discover my most authentic self and which pronouns best suit me.” Nats, who underwent “top surgery,” revealed a post-surgery scar in a photo with partner Gigi Gorgeous (née Gigi Lazzarato), who is transgender.

Nats has worked with GLAAD, as well as alongside family members to give new infrastructures to the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Additionally, Nats painted a mural in honor of the 49 victims of the 2017 nightclub shooting that occurred at the gay bar and dance club Pulse in Orlando, FL. The finished product was displayed in front of the club.